Curriculum Mapper® & Instruction Planner™

Curriculum Mapper®



Curriculum Mapper® is more than an alignment tool – it is a robust reporting and diagnostic program that uses real-time data to identify specific needs for improving curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Improve student achievement by aligning your curriculum to standards and your school improvement goals.

Identify gaps and redundancies so you can improve academic performance and test results

With Curriculum Mapper® teachers can:

  • Create and document a master curriculum linked to standards and school initiatives
  • Generate powerful reports that analyze curricula to identify relevance, gaps, and redundancies that provide data for improvement
  • Build a standards-aligned library of curriculum materials within a timeline or scope and sequence
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not for continuous curriculum improvement
  • Use the global search feature to access curriculum from across the country
  • Unique “document search” capability with access to lesson plans, resources, and tips from teachers worldwide
  • Easily transfer data from Instruction Planner™ into Curriculum Mapper®
  • View maps by calendar month

Know where you measure up to state standards and school improvement goals.

Instruction Planner


With Instruction Planner™ teachers can:

  • Plan, archive, and track lessons
  • Share and collaborate what works with professional learning communities
  • Correlate units and lessons to local and state standards

So administrators can:

  • Track what was actually taught in the classroom
  • Develop powerful, data-driven reports
  • Have an advantage – no other lesson planning tool accurately captures what was planned and what was really taught
  • Create instruction plans based on school improvement and student achievement goals
  • Accurately capture what was taught in the classroom
  • Map to state and local standards while planning instruction units
  • Find standards embedded in the program
  • Improve teaching strategies with collaborative instruction planning
  • Close curriculum gaps with real-time data on classroom instruction
  • Provide new teachers with a day-by-day instruction planning guide
  • Customize lesson planning for any instructional design
  • Easily transfer data into Curriculum Mapper®

Equip teachers with this powerful tool. They’ll save time and you’ll boost reporting.

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